Make My Own Oracle Cards Deck Publishers

This oracle card deck will inspire you, nurture your inner glow, and ignite your dreams. In moments of doubt, these cards offer guidance back to your heart. Embrace each emotion and the carefully selected messages of love, and remember that you are stardust.


Our Process


This is a set of publisher oracle cards titled “Artwork by Natalia Ferroli-Petkidis,” size of 88×126 mm and a total of 45 cards. The cards have a matte UV finish on both sides and feature metallic silver edges.

Make My Own Oracle Cards

Silver Edges

Initially, the 45 cards will be securely fastened together using a transparent strip and then enclosed within the Lid-bottom box, which is further protected with plastic wrap.

Make My Own Oracle Cards

Lid-bottom box

These oracle cards will guide you one step closer to your light. They are designed to keep you standing in your truth, revealing the glow inside your soul and igniting the spark within.

Make My Own Oracle Cards

Natalia and I created this deck to inspire you. So you can dream big and be brave in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

When things get a little dark, when you lose sight of your goal, and when you are facing some mountains, know that you can choose a card that will guide you back home to your heart.

Make My Own Oracle Cards

Feel each emotion with your heart, your soul, and your body. They are there to support and guide you. Each image and quote has been carefully chosen as a message of love and a reminder to own your story, to breathe life into your bustle, and to rediscover joy and serenity so you are a catalyst for your dreams.

Trust in your magic. Open the deck, pick a card, and remember to own our light. You are light. You are here, and you have stardust in you.

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