Make Blank Tarot Card Template

Custom blank tarot cards, devoid of predefined images, allow users, including artists, diviners, and students, to personalize their decks with symbols or drawings.


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What is a Blank Tarot Cards?

Blank tarot cards typically refer to cards without specific patterns or images, providing users with blank surfaces to draw or write their own symbols, images, or interpretations.


Target Audience for Blank Tarot Cards

Artists and Creators: Blank cards serve as a blank canvas for artists and creators to draw and doodle based on their creativity.

Diviners and Readers: For diviners and readers who prefer personalization, blank tarot cards allow the addition of symbols, images, or text to better reflect their intuitive feelings and interpretations.

Students and Researchers: Blank cards may also suit those deeply interested in tarot studies. Individuals can customize cards based on personal understanding to better align with their research and practical needs.


What paper is used to make Blank tarot cards?

300 gsm Art Paper: This is a commonly used art paper for making tarot cards, offering excellent support and durability.

350 gsm Art Paper: A medium-thickness option within the realm of art paper, suitable for crafting standard-sized tarot cards (70 x 120 mm / 2.75 x 4.75″) and oracle cards (88 x 126 mm / 3.5 x 5″).

400 gsm Art Paper: A relatively thicker art paper, ideal for crafting larger-sized cards.

For more information on art paper, please visit: Cards Stock


Special Shape

Special Shapes of Blank Tarot Cards

Besides the standard rectangular shape, some individuals may choose to create non-traditional shapes for tarot cards, such as circles, ovals, or other geometric forms. This adds a unique visual appeal to the tarot cards.

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