Light Warriors Spirit Oracle Cards

Discover Britta Baumann’s Light Warriors Spirit Oracle Cards, a 54-card deck designed to guide your spiritual journey, rekindle inner connections, and empower your soul’s path. The deck blends mythological and natural elements, providing guidance, inspiration, and actionable advice for personal growth and spiritual awakening.


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Britta Baumann’s masterpiece—The Light Warriors Spirit Oracle Cards—offers you a magical and intuitive tool to reconnect with the powerful divine presence within. This unique deck, comprising 54 cards, is specifically designed to guide and support you on the path to fulfilling your soul’s highest calling.

Gold Foil Edge

The oracle cards are vibrant and dreamlike, blending mythological and natural elements aimed at sparking the user’s imagination and inner strength. They offer direction and empowerment on your spiritual journey, bringing inner peace and fortitude.

Magnetic Flip Box

The packaging is a Magnetic Flip Box with a purple theme design, which is one of the most commonly used packaging styles for tarot and oracle cards.

Card Design and Purpose

Each card not only resonates with the frequency of a Light Warrior but also provides support for specific areas of life. Whether seeking daily inspiration or guidance on specific issues, this deck lends a helping hand. Using this oracle, you can remind yourself of your sacred purpose when off track and clear away any obstacles that hinder you from embracing your soul’s path with confidence, joy, and abundant success.

Spiritual Symbols and Actionable Advice

The Light Warriors Spirit Oracle deck themes revolve around spiritual guidance and self-discovery, aiming to assist users in attaining inner enlightenment and growth through various spiritual symbols and actionable advice. Each card showcases a specific spiritual emblem, such as unicorns, mermaids, fairy godmothers, and ancient tree spirits, representing different spiritual concepts:

– Pathway
– Rebirth
– Self-Creation
– Survival

Furthermore, each card provides corresponding actionable advice, like “Cleansing Action” or “Grounding Action,” directing users to take concrete steps in their everyday life to actualize the spiritual guidance the cards convey.

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