Inspiring Imagination Affirmation Card

The Creativity Deck is a vibrant set of 52 uniquely designed cards aimed at sparking children’s imagination and creativity. Perfect for artists, writers, and musicians, these cards enhance writing and drawing skills through fun exercises.


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The creativity affirmation card is a set of cards designed to spark children’s imagination and creativity. Through these cards, children can unleash their creative potential in a fun and engaging way, enhancing their writing and drawing skills.


This affirmation card deck contains 52 vibrant and uniquely designed cards, each measuring 63.5 mm x 63.5 mm (2.5 x 2.5 inches). Every card features a creative exercise prompt, such as “Draw your two favorite things,” “Write about your perfect day,” and “Draw what happiness looks like to you.” These exercises not only stimulate children’s creativity but also improve their expressive abilities, ensuring they never run out of ideas while exploring their creative world.


Tuck Box

The affirmation card packaging is lively and fun, utilizing a standard tuck box format. The main color is white, adorned with orange books, green pencils, blue envelopes, and cute round smiley face icons. This deck is suitable not only for artists, writers, and musicians but for anyone looking to inspire creativity. Whether used to overcome creative blocks, brainstorm ideas, or simply as a fun way to explore personal creativity, the Creativity Deck is the perfect choice.

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