How to Make Moon Affirmation Cards

The affirmation cards are crafted from high-quality 350gsm art paper, ensuring visual appeal and a pleasant tactile experience. The affirmation cards are packaged in transparent opp plastic bags, offering a glimpse of the card styles from the outside.


Our Process


This set of custom affirmation cards features an elegant design, with each card carefully presenting small flower patterns as upper and lower markers, complemented by concise text, highlighting the cards’ purity and freshness. We’ve chosen the traditional tarot card dimensions, measuring 70x120mm, and utilized standard 350gsm art paper to ensure that the cards not only look appealing but also provide an excellent tactile experience.

moon affirmation cards

Transparent Opp Plastic Bag

In terms of packaging, we’ve taken a different approach from the traditional card box. Instead, we’ve opted for transparent opp plastic bags to encase the affirmation cards. The transparent design allows you to clearly see some of the card styles from the outside, adding an element of mystery and anticipation.

moon affirmation cards

Matte Varnish

The affirmation card surfaces finish are treated with matte varnish to complement the cards’ understated design. Matte varnish enhances the softness of colors and images, further elevating the cards’ charm.

This versatile deck offers multiple usage options. You can follow the moon cycle day by day, using numbered cards to reflect, journal, or take action. Alternatively, shuffle and randomly select a card for guidance, or choose one daily for journaling. Created to support a peaceful year-end transition, may it guide you through the stress of the season, fostering gratitude and reflection on your daily lunar journey.

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