Gold Foil Edge Oracle Card Deck

This is a set of Hot Foil Stamping oracle cards, crafted from 350gsm art paper. Its codes will assist you in finding order amidst chaos. Remember the sound of your intuition and your connection with the soul.


Our Process


The dimensions of the oracle cards are 89x127mm, with a requirement for rounded corners, totaling 56 cards. The client opted for the use of 350gsm art paper, a material that strikes a perfect balance between softness and firmness, providing the oracle cards with an exceptional texture. To enhance card protection, we recommend the utilization of a Lid-bottom box for packaging. In pursuit of optimal aesthetics, the client personally designed a captivating cover that harmonizes with the overall theme, adding a unique and beautiful touch to the entire set of oracle cards.

Gold Foil Edge Oracle Card Deck

Hot Foil Stamping

Gold Foil Edge Oracle Card Deck

Gold Foil Edge

For the surface finish of the tarot card customizations, we recommend employing Matte UV varnish and Hot foil stamping. This not only imparts a distinctive matte finish to the card surface but also adds a touch of nobility through the use of foil stamping. Such surface finish elevates the oracle cards to a luxurious level in both tactile and visual aspects, leaving a lasting impression. Additionally, to enhance the overall user experience, the client opted for Matte Lamination surface finish on the packaging, ensuring a superior tactile feel.

Let the oracle guide you on your journey towards your true self. Its codes will help you to find order in the chaos. remembering the voice of your intuition and your connection with your soul. Let it help you unlock the mysterles of the Kosmos, the mysteriesof the self.

The oracle deck includes:
Elemental Cards
Chakra cards
Sacred Journey Cards
Zodiac Archetypes cards

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