Holographic Foil Ethereal Orbs Oracle Card

This oracle card set contains 44 unique cards, measuring 64mm x 89mm, crafted from high quality art paper with a silver holographic foil finish. The sturdy box is finished with rose petal texture and silver foil for added protection and beauty.


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This set of oracle cards draws inspiration from the lunar mansion theory in astrology and the prominent stars and traditional astrological practices involved in ancient magic. Its design aims to guide individuals who seek a deeper understanding of lunar wisdom and are willing to embark on a journey of soul healing.

Ethereal Orbs Oracle Card

Holographic Foil

Ethereal Orbs Oracle Card

Anti-Scratch Matte Lamination

Custom oracle card deck consists of 44 unique cards, each measuring 64mm x 89mm. Crafted with anti-scratch matte lamination and high-quality 350 gsm Art paper, each card features luxurious silver holographic foil on both the front and back, adding a captivating visual appeal. Additionally, the cards are coated with an anti-scratch matte lamination, ensuring durability and resilience.

This deck comes with a comprehensive 107-page full-color PDF guide, providing detailed insights into the planetary influences and usage of each card. It serves as a valuable learning resource for those eager to delve into the intricacies of the oracle cards.

Ethereal Orbs Oracle Card

Luxurious Holographic Foil on the Front

Ethereal Orbs Oracle Card

Bottom-Lid Box

To enhance card protection, customers have chosen a sturdy and durable bottom-lid box. The box’s front is adorned with a rose petal-textured finish, and luxurious silver holographic foil is applied to create an elegant ambiance. This design not only preserves the integrity of the oracle cards but also offers users an immersive and luxurious experience.

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