Daily Affirmation Cards Manufacturer for Kids

Affirmation card manufacturer offers children’s, student’s, and adult affirmation card printing to help your challenge and encourage themselves.


Our Process


A confident set of affirmation cards specially designed for kids. Through daily affirmations, these cards empower children, fostering self-esteem and resilience. This set of affirmation cards was produced and printed by the manufacturer, ACELION.

Daily Affirmation Cards For Kids

Matte lamination

Crafted with care, each card measures 70 x 120 mm and is printed on 350 gsm art paper for durability. The cards feature full-color printing and a matte lamination finish, ensuring a pleasant tactile experience with every use.

Daily Affirmation Cards For Kids

Custom drawer boxes

Our custom drawer box is a perfect match for these precious cards. Created with top-quality custom cardboard and adorned with a green ribbon. The cmyk full-color printing and matte varnish finish lend a touch of elegance and sophistication to the box. These lovely affirmation cards are not just for children but can be cherished by adults seeking spiritual guidance as well. Whether for your kids, family members, teachers, or students, these cards make heartwarming gifts.

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