Custom Wolf and Junior Playing Card Decks

ACELION unveils 63x88mm custom playing cards featuring Wolf and Junior designs, meticulously crafted on 300 gsm German black core paper with a lustrous glossy varnish.


Our Process


A custom playing cards with a wolf and child theme from the ACELION brand. The deck measures 63x88mm, with a vibrant yellow primary color on the card faces and a crisp white border on the backs. What truly sets these cards apart is the exceptionally unique imagery of a wolf head or a young child featured in the center of each card. These images not only enhance the visual appeal of the cards but also infuse each player’s hand with a unique narrative and emotional depth.

Wolf and Junior Playing Card

To perfectly complement the distinctive design of the playing cards, our client opted for an intricately designed tuck box. This box not only exudes a sense of luxury but also incorporates a color scheme of blue and silver, adding an element of mystery to the wolf and child theme.

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