Customized Tarot Cards Printing Suppliers

Type: Custom Oracle Cards
Quantity: 40 Cards Per Deck, Magik Oracle Deck
Material: 350gsm Art Paper
Size: 88 x 126 mm
Printing: CMYK Printing
Finish: Matte UV Varnish / Gold Foil


Our Process


This is a set of oracle decks about magic spells. There are 40 cards, 88×126 mm in size, with a guide booklet. The deck is housed in a luxurious black lid bottom box with a rose gold foil design on both the lid bottom box and the back.

This deck is based on ancient Celtic magic and is used to create a magical system of personal charm. On the back of each card, you will find a list of magic formulas that can be used to create your magic. The information and symbolic meanings listed will constitute the elements of your magic spell and the specific Celtic runes for each Wonderland.


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