Custom Tarot Cards Deck Round Moon Tarot

Custom tarot cards, shaped as a circle, size of ‏80 mm ( 3.15″ ), 44 cards. surface Finish in Matte lamination, packaged in a square box.


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Customized Round Rider Tarot Cards

Customized Round Rider Tarot Cards

This is a custom tarot card about the moon, containing 44 cards. Each card is 80 mm (3.15 inches) in size and has a circular design. The surface of this pair of tarot cards is treated with a matte laminate to ensure durability.

It is packaged in a square box for easy storage and portability. The design and production of this Tarot card are exquisite, not only suitable for users to use themselves, but also can be presented as exquisite gifts to friends who like Tarot cards.

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