Custom Plastic Playing Cards ( Blue Wolf )

Plastic playing card, waterproof playing card for game party. Perfect to take to the beach or bar; don’t worry about smudges and wetness.


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Blue Wolf Playing Cards

ACELION wolf plastic playing card, deck of card for game party. We are a professional manufacturer making high-end cards with more than 16 years of production experience. Use special advanced production techniques, make the product very amazing and long service life. Also, the German most advanced printing machine can fulfill your advanced printing requirements.
ACELION Black Wolf Playing Cards

Exquisite Pattern and Smooth feel

ACELION Black Wolf Playing Cards

Standard Playing cards Size and Package

ACELION Black Wolf Playing Cards

1. Our custom plastic playing cards are made of high-grade flexible plastic material, Very smooth surface, easy to shuffle, comfortable to hold, Good flexibility, very durable.
2. Waterproof: 100% waterproof playing cards, perfect to take to the beach or Bar, don’t worry about smudges and wet.
3. Washable: Just feel free to wash it under running water, they will look like brand new after washing.
4. A deck of poker playing cards is consit of 54 cards, Including 52 playing cards and 2 Joker cards.
5. Lifetime customer service, If you are unhappy about our poker cards, feel free to contact us for free exchange or refund.

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