Customized Gold Foil Oracle Card Printing

Type: Custom Oracle Cards / Tarot Cards
Quantity: 78 Cards Per Deck
Material: 350gsm Art Paper
Size: 70 x 120 mm
Printing: CMYK Printing
Finish: Matte UV Varnish / Gold Foil


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Customized Gold Foil Tarot Card Printing

This set of Oracle cards with the theme of Moonlight Stone is an exquisite card designed to make players feel calm, open, and comfortable inside. The surface finish of this deck of cards is custom-made gold foil with a size of 70 x 120mm. The cards are packaged in a very delicacy Lid-bottom box.

This set of cards is not equipped with an instructions booklet, but if you need a customized instructions booklet, we will provide you with various style options to meet your needs. In addition to the instructions booklet, we also offer various surface finish options. You can choose different finishes based on your preferences and needs to achieve the best visual and tactile effects. We will produce according to your requirements and ensure that the quality of each card reaches the highest standards.

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