Mindful Affirmation Card Printing ( Square )

Printing square mindful affirmation cards. Each card measures 88x88mm, created from high-quality 300gsm art paper. They radiate positivity and make a thoughtful, elegant gift.


Our Process


We present to you a mindful affirmation card deck that is compact and easy to carry, allowing you to access positivity anytime, anywhere. These cards contain a series of uplifting affirmations such as “I am perfect,” “I am loved,” “I am happy,” and more. Each one acts like a small lighthouse, illuminating your inner world.

Custom Affirmation Card Printing

These custom affirmation cards are packaged with meticulous attention to detail. They are housed in an eye-catching black outer box, and each card features a unique blue design background adorned with sun and moon-related patterns. These visual elements not only enhance the cards’ appeal but also connect you to the universe.

Custom Affirmation Card Printing

Each affirmation card is perfectly sized at 88 x 88 millimeters, crafted from high-quality 300 gsm double copper paper, and finished with a meticulous glossy coating. This treatment gives the cards a distinctive shine, making each touch a delightful experience.

Custom Affirmation Card Printing

These custom affirmation cards are packaged in an exquisite custom tuck box, complemented by intricate box surface designs that radiate elegance. The box surface is treated with a glossy finish, adding a captivating sheen. Whether you’re gifting them to yourself or sharing them with friends and family, this set of affirmation cards is a precious gift that spreads positive energy into everyone’s lives.

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