Custom Oracle Cards for Yoga and Meditation Practitioners

Elevate your meditation and yoga practice with our 148-card oracle deck. Crafted on premium 350gsm art paper, each card depicts yoga poses with clear instructions. The durable packaging exudes luxury, enhancing your spiritual journey.


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These yoga oracle cards are designed for yoga and meditation practitioners, consisting of a total of 148 exquisite cards aimed at enhancing your meditation practice.

Custom Oracle Cards for Yoga

The oracle cards feature a refreshing blue color theme and are adorned with various yoga pose illustrations and detailed instructional text. Additionally, the card set includes a meticulously crafted booklet to help you gain a deeper understanding of the cards and ensure proper execution of each yoga pose.

Custom Oracle Cards for Yoga

350 gsm art paper

Each custom oracle card measures 63×88 millimeters and is crafted from high-quality 350 gsm art paper, ensuring exceptional quality. These yoga oracle cards are beautifully packaged in a sturdy lid-bottom box, providing a premium and durable feel.

Custom Oracle Cards for Yoga

The oracle cards have a glossy varnish on both sides, while the packaging box features matte lamination on both sides. Each lid-bottom box accommodates 148 cards and comes with shrink wrap for product integrity and to maintain their pristine condition.

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