Custom Beautiful Mystic Tarot Card Deck

Type: Custom tarot cards
Quantity: 78 full-color tarot cards
Material: 350gsm art paper
Size: 70x120mm
Printing: CMYK printing
Finish: glossy varnish


Our Process


Customize beautiful mystery tarot cards, including 78 full-color tarot cards. There is also a light gray guide and full color tuck box.

This pair of tarot cards is produced by multiple artists and displayed as a large print gallery exhibition, allowing the audience to fully understand the origin and significance of the tarot card. It’s a set of 78 tarot cards and a booklet. The size is standard 70x120mm, and the packaging use Lid-bottom box.

As a limited edition of Tarot, this portfolio provides more detailed information and guidance to help users better understand and use Tarot.

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