Custom Major Arcana Tarot Cards for Sale

Custom Tarot cards are packaged in a small tuck box with delicate decoration of silver foil and embossed flowers.


Our Process


The theme of this design revolves around the folk art of tarot cards, the artistic concept of which was created and inspired by microscopic paintings. The entire tarot deck depicts the stories of kings and queens that the author heard and read during childhood.

 major arcana tarot

major arcana tarot

silver foil

major arcana tarot


The size of the deck was chosen to be the standard 63x88mm (2.5″x3.5″), and the box was designated as a tuck box to meet the need for its small number of cards to be easily portable. The box is designed in blue colour and includes various beautiful patterns. The surface finish is decorated with a special process, and silver foil is inside the box, which is gorgeous.

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