Create Round Tarot Card and Affirmation Cards

The round card deck with a unique design. The shape of the card is around design, matched with a square packing box. Besides, we can also make a Heart, Rectangle, Oval, and hexagon shape.


Our Process



The contours of these cards gracefully embrace the concept of curvature, seamlessly harmonizing with the angular confines of the accompanying cubic packaging encasement. Within the very ethos of the cards’ design motif lies an homage to the timeless and classical facets of traditional poker elements.

Should the desire for a personalized touch stir within you, we extend a cordial invitation to explore our bespoke services tailored to crafting custom affirmation cards and tarot card decks. Our adept capabilities encompass the realization of circular tarot cards and affirmation decks, adorned with intricately personalized front and rear facades. The convergence of artistry and individuality finds its apotheosis within these meticulously fashioned pieces.

Contact us for your custom affirmation cards and tarot cards. We can printing round tarot card and affirmation deck, with personalised front and back.

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