Create My own Magic Oracle Cards

The oracle cards are printed on durable 350 gsm material and feature a matte finish for a unique and visually appealing touch. It caters to diviners, spiritual mentors, and those curious about inner magic.


Our Process


This set of Oracle cards boasts exquisite design, employing high-quality printing materials, and each card is imbued with a sense of mystery. Whether you are a diviner, a spiritual mentor, or simply a curious individual with an interest in inner magic, this deck will become your trusted companion. By using these cards, you will rediscover and feel the presence of magic, unlock your inner potential, explore more possibilities, and establish a profound connection with the wonders of nature.

Magic Oracle Cards

In this printing project, we have utilized high-quality 350gsm printing materials to ensure the durability and texture of the cards. Each card has been meticulously designed and size 2.75″x4.75″ (70x120mm), conforming to the standard Tarot card size. Furthermore, we have applied a matte finish, enhancing the cards’ uniqueness while intensifying their visual appeal.

Magic Oracle Cards

Tuck Box

The oracle card packaging features a tuck box design for convenience in carrying and storing, and the shrink-wrapping guarantees the cards’ protection during transportation.

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