Colorful Tarot Decks with Red Edging

Custom Tarot card Decks, sized at 70×120 mm and comprising 78 cards on premium 350gsm art paper. Achieve vibrant color accuracy with advanced CMYK & PMS printing, complemented by soft matte lamination and eye-catching red edging.


Our Process


Explore the world of our meticulously custom Colorful Tarot Decks. Each deck, sized at 70×120 mm, consists of 78 cards printed on high-quality 350gsm art paper for a premium touch.

Disassembled Colorful Tarot Decks

Red Edging

Experience true color fidelity with our cutting-edge CMYK & PMS printing. The soft matte lamination and distinctive red edging enhance the visual appeal of every card.

Disassembled Colorful Tarot Decks

Custom Magnetic Book Box

Give your tarot a fitting packing in our custom magnetic book box. Constructed with robust 1200gsm grey cardboard and featuring 157gsm art paper, it ensures both protection and elegance.

The box’s full-color printing, combined with a matte varnish finish and Spot UV highlights, delivers a sophisticated aesthetic, leaving a lasting impression. Choose our premium printing package for an elevated tarot experience.

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