Colorful Ink Style Positive and Healthy Affirmation Card

This custom affirmation card set, featuring 108 positive statements in an ink wash style, encourages a shift from negative self-talk to a healthier inner dialogue.


Our Process


This is a vibrant custom affirmation card set where the creator has incorporated a rich array of colors in an ink wash style. The cards feature 108 positive statements, guiding us away from negative self-talk and redirecting our thoughts towards a more positive and healthy inner dialogue.

The creator has thoughtfully left some blank cards for users to write their own encouraging statements, adding a personal touch.

Positive and Healthy Card

silver rainbow holographic edging

The surface of these affirmation cards is coated with a UV glossy finish, and the edges are adorned with silver rainbow holographic edging, complementing the beautiful designs and text on the cards.

Positive and Healthy Card

Magnetic Book Type Box

To present this affirmation card set perfectly, the packaging includes a magnetic book type box. This type of box is not only sturdy and durable but also convenient to open, providing users with an excellent tactile experience. To enhance the box’s aesthetics, the creator has also designed an inner lining for a more refined overall appearance.

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