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With its larger-than-life presence, this tarot deck combines mythology and artistry, prominently featuring black women. Packaged in a lid-bottom box, it’s a captivating, empowering, and timeless treasure.


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The inspiration behind this tarot card deck draws from various myths, religions, and folklore, interwoven with elements from the animal kingdom, resulting in a sacred and therapeutic card set. What sets this Tarot deck apart is that the majority of its cards vividly depict Black women—a heartfelt gift meticulously crafted by the author for their closest friend. The entire deck is infused with vibrant colors, empowering imagery, and the inspiration of friendship, radiating boundless energy and warmth.

Women Tarot Card

The cards of this Tarot card printing size 89mm x 127mm, approximately 3.5 x 5″, and they are cleverly housed in a beautifully designed Lid Bottom box. Each card has been meticulously illustrated with rich, awe-inspiring details. While a physical guidebook is not included, the author provides a personalized PDF guide, allowing customers to understand the meanings and interpretations of each card across different devices.

Women Tarot Card

Considering the size of the Tarot cards, the designer has opted for 400gsm art paper, ensuring a remarkable tactile experience. The cards are finished with glossy UV varnish and UV ink printing, further enhancing their appeal. The choice of a lid bottom box for packaging is ideal for Tarot card decks. Additionally, matte lamination has been applied for durability. The artistic quality, packaging, and striking display of these oversized tarot cards are undeniably inspiring, making them a precious gift and collectible.

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