Aura Healing Oracle Cards Deck

This oracle card set, centered around healing and inspired by the soul and aura, showcases a unique design blending nature and figures. Crafted from premium 350gsm art paper, it includes a comprehensive guide and is elegantly presented in a Magnetic Flip Box.


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This set of oracle cards is themed around healing, drawing inspiration from the concepts of the soul and aura. The front of the cards features a composition of natural environments and figures, while the back is designed in purple with a small silver flower pattern, creating a unique artistic style.

Magnetic Flip Box

Magnetic Book Type Box

The healing oracle cards are crafted using high-quality 350gsm art paper printing, ensuring both the texture and durability of the cards. The entire set of cards comes with a comprehensive guide, offering users rich information and guidance. Additionally, the cards are cleverly housed in a magnetic Book type box, which is intricately designed with an inner lining for added delicacy.

Aura Healing Oracle Cards

Purple Edge

Aura Healing Oracle Cards

Silver Foil Effect

In terms of appearance, the silver foil effect on the back of the cards enhances their smoothness and luxurious feel. The title on the box and the small icons on the sides are adorned with a purple foil effect, making the overall appearance more beautiful and eye-catching. This oracle card set not only emphasizes detail in its design but also pursues excellence in material selection and manufacturing craftsmanship, providing users with a unique and delightful mystical experience.

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