Pregnancy Affirmation Card Printing

This set of pregnancy affirmation cards can ease and improve people’s psychological ability and have encouraging information.


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The deck can soothe and enhance people’s mental abilities, and each card has a beautiful environment and an affirmative tone. There are also some encouraging messages that will make you confident in everything.

Pregnancy Affirmation Card

Gaze upon these cards and uncover not only visual splendor but also whispered messages of strength and affirmation. As you navigate the realms of pregnancy’s uncertainties, find refuge in the encouraging whispers that each card holds.

With every touch and every shuffle, you embrace the embodiment of maternal assurance, a guiding light through the intricate labyrinth of pregnancy.

This affirmation cards use a custom Lid-bottom box, the card size is 70x120mm, 78-80 cards. 

We are an affirmation card manufacturer; if you have a need for affirmation card making and the above-mentioned dimensions and parameters are not suitable for your design, then you can contact us for custom. We can custom a affirmation card printing solution for you as per your detailed requirements.

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