Affirmation Card Deck Printing with Box

Discover affirmation card deck printing with captivating colors and distinctive graphics. The back showcases matching designs, while the front features diverse graphics and explanatory text. The exquisite finish exudes luxury. Tailored sizing and packaging are available, booklets are optional. Utilize the lid-bottom box for 148 cards.


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Affirmation Card Deck

Today, I will introduce you to affirmation card deck printing. This deck’s rich colors and unique graphic design are very beautiful. The back side is designed with the same graphics and colors, while the front side is attached with different graphics and text explanations. The beautiful surface finish makes the affirmation card look very high-end.

affirmation cards

Affirmation cards can be custom in size, and we will give recommendations according to customer needs. Also, this kind of card usually comes with a booklet, but some customers don’t need it. In terms of packaging, since there are 148 cards, Lid bottom Box is also further customized. For the surface finish of products, we have also made a detailed page to show it to adapt to different customers. Those interested can click the following to browse: surface finish. If the effect on the page is not what you want, you can submit the requirement to us in the form.

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