Our Process

For details on how to make your own custom Tarot deck, check out our 7 Steps to Customization, which gives you an idea of our entire production printing and shipping process.

Step1 Cards Size

Recommend Size:
70 x 120 mm ( 2.75 x 4.75″ )
88 x 126 mm ( 3.5 x 5″ )

These two sizes are the optimal production sizes for Tarot and Oracle cards, which are used by most of our customers. If these two sizes are not suitable for you, we can customize them, but the relative cost will increase.


Professional art paper (350gsm) / paper thick 0.36mm
Super thick art paper (400gsm) / paper thick 0.41mm

What kind of cardstock to choose for printing mainly depends on the use of your card and the size of the card. We recommend that customers choose thick paper if they make larger size cards. Those who pursue the ultimate quality can choose germany black core paper.

Step 3 Surface Finishing


We provide many options for card surface finish, and also do special processing for some cards. However, it should be noted that some processes cannot be used simultaneously. Please consult our sales advisor for details.

Step 4 Instruction Booklets


Most customers choose perfect binding booklet or saddle stitch booklets when printing tarot oracle cards, etc. However, some customers choose other styles of brochures.

Playing Card Game Boxes


There are many different packaging options for tarot cards and oracle cards. Still, the most popular is the lid-bottom box because it is beautiful and delicate and does not break easily. In addition to the lid-bottom box, many people also choose the magnetic flip box.


The above transportation options are the three most commonly used. However, you can also choose different shipping methods according to your needs. If expedited, you can choose air freight, but the cost is relatively high.

Step 7: Order & Payment

Recommended Combination

We have put forward different needs for various customers, and combined with our previous experience in making cards, we have formulated some configuration options for printing oracle cards, tarot cards, and affirmation cards for novices. Of course, if you have your design ideas, different sizes, and special surface treatment requirements, you can contact our sales directly, and they can make a printing plan for you that meets your needs.

Cards Size:70 x 120 mm ( 2.75 x 4.75″)

Cards Stock:art paper (350gsm)

Surface finish:  Matte lamination  + Double-sided CMYK

Booklet: Perfect Binding Booklet

Packaging:Lid & bottom box

Delivery:Ocean Shipping

Cards Size:88 x 126 mm ( 3.5 x 5″)

Cards Stock:art paper (400gsm)

Surface finish: Matte lamination + Matte gold + Double-sided CMYK

Booklet:  Saddle Stitch Booklet

Packaging:Lid & bottom box

Delivery:Ocean Shipping

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