Kickstarter Tarot and Oracle Decks Project

To date, Acelion has seen many print tarot cards and oracle decks creators and designers succeed with their Kickstarter projects. Print with Acelion, and not only will you get a more accurate budget plan and free advertising promotion for your KS project, you’ll also get a 6% discount on your EXW orders!

Past Ks Projects

Historically, select collaborators have resolutely opted for ACELION as their preferred printing press, entrusting us to render their cards in exquisite detail. Others have melded their aspirations with ours, entrusting us to magnify the reach of their Kickstarter odysseys.

Crafting a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign demands unwavering dedication. This truth is etched into our core. Hence, we extend an invitation to you an opportunity to synchronize efforts and propel your venture forward.

Some of our clients have noticed that many of the Kickstarter projects on the ACELION website are labeled “Printed by WJPC”. This is because in the past, our company did not differentiate between project types and added WJPC printing to all projects. Now, we have made a clear distinction: tarot cards, oracle cards, affirmation cards, and other projects add “Printed by ACELION” and game card projects add “Printed by WJPC”. How to add “Printed by ACELION”.

The Bone Dead Tarot Deck
The Bone Dead Tarot Deck

91 backers pledged $6,578 to help bring this project to life.

Honey Hive Lenormand Card Deck
Honey Hive Lenormand Card Deck

214 backers pledged $15,911 to help bring this project to life.

Journey - Illustrative Tarot card
Journey - Illustrative Tarot card

200 backers pledged $18,456 to help bring this project to life.

The Star Gazer Tarot Deck
The Star Gazer Tarot Deck

128 backers pledged $10,769 to help bring this project to life.

Sensible Witch Oracle
The Sensible Witch Oracle

116 backers pledged $11,493 to help bring this project to life.

The Curiously Carnal Tarot Deck

75 backers pledged $7,655 to help bring this project to life.

Runic Odyssey Oracle
Runic Odyssey Oracle Cards

1,106 backers pledged €73,840 to help bring this project to life.

Lenormand tarot deck

1,095 backers pledged €62,551 to help bring this project to life.

Bharata Tarot

112 backers pledged AU$ 4,883 to help bring this project to life.

mysterious spirit tarot
Mysterious Spirit Tarot Cards

225 backers pledged €13,723 to help bring this project to life.

Wandering Spirit Tarot Deck
Wandering Spirit Tarot Cards

1,478 backers pledged $262,100 to help bring this project to life.

Ongoing KS project

The Creative Calling Oracle Deck

The unique aspect of these cards is the potential for an interactive experience through a creative calling app, offering specialized messages from the muses if a stretch goal is met. This deck aims to be a daily invitation to awaken your creative voice and walk in resonance with your true calling.

Why Choose Acelion As Your Kickstarter Printer?

16+ Years Experience

16+ Years Experience

Focus Specialized in custom tarot cards for over 16 years. Free samples are available.

Kickstarter Project

Kickstarter Project

Experience Helped achieve the success of +200 card projects on Kickstarter.

Order Offers

New Order Offers

Benefits: Offers budgeting & advertising resources, and a 6% discount on orders!

If you need to get the 6% discount, you must place our website banner and domain address in your Kickstarter project. Also, your project will be promoted and marketed on our official website, etc. Our website is promoted through Google Ads, social media, and SEO and can provide a traffic portal for your Kickstarter project.

How to "add" ACELION to your Kickstarter page?

step 1:

Here are banners with logos designed by our company, you just need to choose the one that goes better with your Kickstarter project and apply it to the project. We recommend you to download our zip file in HD directly instead of saving it as a separate file directly on the web page. We gladly welcome you to use our logo to design a unique banner that fits your project!


Banner 1


Banner 2


Banner 3

Banner 4

Step 2:
In the Basics page, please add the description: “Printed by ACELION” in the Subtitle.


Step 3:
Use the text editor’s image upload function on the Story page to upload the image containing our company’s logo banner to your project.


Step 4:
In the Image Description and Alternative Text field, enter “ACELION”. In the URL field, enter


Step 5:
All the extra settings are done! Send us your completed edited Kickstarter page and after we review it, you will get 6% off the total price of your EXW order and other promos!

If you’d like to start your Kickstarter journey with ACELION, get in touch with us now!

Kickstarter FAQ

Kickstarter is currently the most well-known crowdfunding site and has helped to incubate over 10,000 startups and non-profit organisations. The top-ranked crowdfunding projects on Kickstarter are currently focused on design, technology, games and film.

The initiator of a project has to set a fundraising target and a deadline. Those who like the project can make it happen by pledging. When the fundraising goal is reached, all backers’ credit cards are charged at the deadline; if the goal is not reached, then no one is charged (All or Nothing).

The most recommended channels are Facebook Ad, Google Ad, Youtube Ad, Reddit Ad or crowdfunding providers.

What’s more, social media, official websites, online celebrity promotions, EDM, press releases, crowdfunding communities and vertical forums are all very effective promotional channels, too.

There are multiple locations on your KS project that will display your current backer number. As shown:

You can also use a tool like Kicktraq to see the backer numbers, average daily pledges, funding trend and much more.

First, you need to create a KS account; then you can create a draft project and fill in the sections including Basic, Funding, Rewards, Story, Collaborator, Payment, Promotion, etc. Finally, submit it to the KS official for review, wait for the review to be approved, and then your project is officially online!

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