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To date, Acelion has seen many tarot cards and oracle decks creators and designers succeed with their Kickstarter projects. Print with Acelion, and not only will you get a more accurate budget plan and free advertising promotion for your KS project, you’ll also get a 6% discount on your EXW orders!

Why Choose Acelion As Your Kickstarter Printer?

16+ Years Experience

16+ Years Experience

Focus Specialized in custom tarot cards for over 16 years. Free samples are available.

Kickstarter Project

Kickstarter Project

Experience Helped achieve the success of +200 card projects on Kickstarter.

Order Offers

Order Offers

Benefits Offers budgeting & advertising resources, and a 6% discount on orders!

Kickstarter Cards Project

mysterious spirit tarot

Mysterious Spirit Tarot Cards

Japanese folklore boasts a variety of creatures, ranging from feral beasts to supernatural entities like ghosts and demons. The religion of Shinto underlies folklore, with a vast collection of gods and goddesses, each with unique stories and attributes. Such cultural richness has inspired reconstruction of Japanese folklore in a tarot context.

Wandering Spirit Tarot Deck

Wandering Spirit Tarot Cards Printing

Artist Heanuli created the Wandering Spirit Tarot. A symbol of depression and compassion in the form of a skull and a girl, this tarot card is designed to provide comfort on your journey, even in the toughest of times.

The Wandering Soul Tarot contains all 78 Major and Minor Arcanas, 4 bonus cards, 135-page pros and cons guide, and a sturdy magnetic storage case.

Runic Odyssey Oracle

Custom Runic Odyssey Oracle Cards

The Runic Odyssey Oracle cards is a redesigned. Eva Delcourt wanted to create a more mysterious and magical vibe, and the teal green inspired me greatly from the Nordic energy.

New version Oracle let yourself be guided on your spiritual adventure. A personal development and divination tool invite you to reflect and meditate. The card’s information will give you guidance and answers to your questions.

Printing Lenormand tarot deck

Magpie’s Lenormand tarot by an illustrator from Lyon, France. This is a hand-painted Lenormand deck inspired by my love of nature and animals.

There are two versions of the Lenormand Tarot, each with 36 cards in a beautiful lid. It comes with a guide that will help you understand this deck.

Kickstarter FAQ

Kickstarter is currently the most well-known crowdfunding site and has helped to incubate over 10,000 startups and non-profit organisations. The top-ranked crowdfunding projects on Kickstarter are currently focused on design, technology, games and film.

The initiator of a project has to set a fundraising target and a deadline. Those who like the project can make it happen by pledging. When the fundraising goal is reached, all backers’ credit cards are charged at the deadline; if the goal is not reached, then no one is charged (All or Nothing).

The most recommended channels are Facebook Ad, Google Ad, Youtube Ad, Reddit Ad or crowdfunding providers.

What’s more, social media, official websites, online celebrity promotions, EDM, press releases, crowdfunding communities and vertical forums are all very effective promotional channels, too.

There are multiple locations on your KS project that will display your current backer number. As shown:

You can also use a tool like Kicktraq to see the backer numbers, average daily pledges, funding trend and much more.

First, you need to create a KS account; then you can create a draft project and fill in the sections including Basic, Funding, Rewards, Story, Collaborator, Payment, Promotion, etc. Finally, submit it to the KS official for review, wait for the review to be approved, and then your project is officially online!

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