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How To Make Your own Tarot Cards

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Now so many tarot fans will collect different types of cards to meet their daily analysis, prediction, and advice needs. However, these are the tarot cards developed by others or suppliers, and in this sexual age, every good person wants to make your tarot cards. So how to make it? Let’s talk about it in detail.

The basic knowledge of Tarot

First of all, I need to popularize the simple knowledge of tarot. This will be very helpful to a beginner. Tarot cards can be used in daily life to analyze and predict something, which you can understand as divination. You can also understand that it allows people to reap happiness and wisdom and relieve your confusion and annoyance tools. Tarot has 78 cards, each reflecting different content to inspire you. A: It includes 22 big cards and 56 small cards. The basic printing size is 70*1200 mm. B: Yes, the above is only for beginners with some basic knowledge, if you need more detailed information, please according to their own needs.

Make your own Tarot cards

If you want to design your tarot card, you must have your own design idea. The first premise of this idea is that you should have a deep understanding of the tarot card, and you have to read many of the tarot cards developed by others and understand the role and meaning of various cards so that you can extract your own content. Thus forming their own set of the structural system.

Tarot Card Desgin

When you have your own content structure, you will visually let it appear and attach content text to let others know better what your card wants to express. So, this time you have to learn some painting skills, then you will say if I can’t paint is not able to make? Of course not. If you are not good at painting, you can also draw as simply as possible by referring to other objects, such as people, animals, scenery, and so on. In fact, in producing their personalized tarot card, we should use our painting style and shouldn’t care about what others think!

If you don’t want to make your manuscript into a design document and print it out, you just want to find a card to complete it. Many people make it directly with paper and print. If it’s complete by hand-painted, you can buy a blank tarot card on any e-commerce site to finish it.

Design draft document production

If you want to make your tarot better, but you can’t make it with computer software, you can paint some money on a designer to do the job. You can also give your line draft to the designer and let them make AI, pdf, cdr documents, and other printable formats, which require dp300 above. You can also don’t have to do your line draft. Just directly communicate with the designer, and let them finish the design according to your meaning. You can print these documents to the printing company as long as you specify your specific needs.

Finally, no matter how you choose to make your tarot card, it will be your unique masterpiece. You can share your masterpiece with related enthusiasts or family, or friends. If you want to make tarot cards for online sales but don’t know how to start, you can see our other article ( tarot card printing solution), which has a detailed production plan. I hope it will help you.