Tarot is an ancient and mysterious art that has been absorbed and refined over the centuries to become a popular and convenient tool for exploration. Together with your best custom tarot card maker – Acelion, and begin to print your own tarot cards!

Acelion Rider Waite Tarot Card Deck

Elevate your tarot experience with the Acelion Rider Waite Tarot Card Set, a stunning gold foil card set accompanied by a comprehensive guide book and elegant Lid-bottom box. Every card boasts intricate gold-stamped details for a lavish touch, complemented by a soft-touch matte lamination and gold stamping.

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Recommend Parameters For Tarot Card Printing

Tarot Cards

Size: 70 x 120 mm (2.75 x 4.75″ )
Card per deck: 78 Cards
Material: 350gsm art paper
Print: CMYK & PMS printing
Finish: matte lamination + gold stamping

Tarot Booklet

Booklet type: Perfect binding booklet
Material: 300gsm art paper + 105gsm matte paper
Print: full-color printing
Finish: Matte varnish + foil stamping

Tarot Box

Box type: Custom Lid-bottom box
Material: 1200gsm grey cardboard + 157gsm art paper
Print: full-color printing
Finish: Matte varnish + gold stamped

More Printing Parameters

Tarot Card Dimensions

  • Standard tarot size: 70 x 120mm, 2.75″ x 4.75″
  • Large tarot size: 88 x 126mm, 3.5″ x 5″
  • Poker size: 63 x 88mm, 2.5″ x 3.5″
  • Bridge size: 57 x 87mm, 2.25″ x 3.5″

Tarot Cards Material

  • Standard Smooth Art Paper (300gsm)
  • Professional Thick Art Paper (350gsm)
  • Super Thick Art Paper (400gsm)
  • Superior Smooth Black Core(310/310gsm)

Tarot Card Packaging

  • Custom lid bottom box
  • Custom Magnetic Flip Box
  • Custom Book Type Box
  • Custom Round Box / Square Box

Print Tarot Cards Introduction

If you want to make your own tarot deck to sell on an online platform or in a store, you’re in the right place. We have professionally produced and tarot cards printing for more than 16 years.

In terms of quality, we have a strict control process to ensure that the best quality is delivered to customers. If you already have a personalized tarot card design, you can try to contact us, and we will recommend a complete set of printing and surface treatment solutions for you.

Through your custom tarot cards list, guide yourself and others to a deeper self-awareness, thus awakening the spiritual energy within each person around you.

Card Format: Select the tarot card size and shape of your card deck. Traditional Tarot cards are usually rectangular in shape and measure approximately 2.75 x 4.75 inches (70 x 120mm), but if you have other requirements, take a look at our wider selection of card sizes. Special shapes and sizes can be professionally customized for an additional fee for molding.


Tarot cards Size

Design preparation: The design on the front brings together the basic elements you like; these usually include the title, the numbers (for the Major Arcana), the flower color (for the Minor Arcana), and an image or symbol that represents the meaning of the card. The back of the card usually features a consistent design throughout the deck for easy identification. However, some clients also use different designs, and whether they are the same depends on your design philosophy.

Tarot draft

Tarot draft

Complete the design: Once you have a clear idea of the visual representation of the card, you can create the final design digitally or through traditional art techniques. Use software such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, or choose a traditional medium such as watercolor, acrylics, or colored pencils.

tarot design

Tarot Design

Print and assemble: Print your own tarot card design on high-quality card stock or your choice of material. Make sure the size and format match the size of the cards you have chosen. Cut the printed design to fit the size of the card and surface finishing the card. These additional touches can enhance the overall aesthetic and make your card visually appealing, such as gold foil, embossing, varnish, UV, etc.


Embossing Printing

UV Varish

Use UV varnish to decorate the surface of the print tarot cards by yourself, which can give the tarot cards a shiny and reflective appearance. The smooth card surface makes images and text appear sharper and more vibrant, adding a professional and premium touch to the finished product. Additionally, it forms a protective layer that protects the underlying surface from scratches, scuffs, moisture, and fading caused by UV exposure.

More Finishing:
Gloss / Matte Varnish
Gloss / Matte UV varnish
Gloss / Matte Lamination
Anti-scratch Glossy Lamination
Anti-scrath Matte Lamination
Silk Matte Lamination

Gold Foil Gilt Edge

Tarot cards gold foil gilt edge are for decorative and practical purposes. From an aesthetic point of view, it adds a touch of elegance and luxury to the card, making it visually appealing and enhancing its overall value. Additionally, the gold leaf gilt edge protects the edge of the tarot card from dust, moisture, and general wear and tear, extending its life.

More Gilt Edge:
Matte Edge
Silver Foil Edge
Gold Foil Edge

Why Choose Us As A Tarot Card Printer?

The ACELION brand is a team that has been reorganized in order to create high-quality tarot card decks, and with a wealth of 16 years of experience in tarot card deck production and printing, we are proud to offer you tarot card printing solutions that meet the highest standards.

Tarot cards are printed on premium art paper to ensure durability and luxury. Combined with our extensive surface finish and edge finishes, we can make your custom tarot cards very unique and visually appealing.

We use environmentally friendly materials for our print tarot cards to minimize environmental pollution and resource waste. All the materials we use do not contain animal fur or bones.

The introduction of Heidelberg printers has revolutionized our production process, allowing us to achieve unparalleled accuracy, clarity, and color vibrancy.

Whether you are a professional tarot reader, personal developer, publishing tarot cards, retailer, online store owner, or a business owner looking to expand your product offerings, ACELION can fulfill all of your tarot card printing needs. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional products that exceed your expectations, as well as providing you with exceptional customer service.

Experience the ACELION difference and unleash the full potential of your tarot card creation. Explore our wide variety of printing supplies and let us help you realize your artistic vision.

Steps to make your own tarot cards :

Step 1: Choose the card size for your design
Step 2: Choose your cards stock
Step 3: Add surface finishing to your cards
Step 4: Beautiful Instruction booklets
Step 5: Exquisite card packaging
Step 6: Production & delivery
Step 7: Payment order

Tarot Cards FAQ

Tarot card deck is a deck of cards with pictures and words that has its own rules and meanings. Its main purpose is to divine your past, present and future, and to detect your true inner thoughts and powers.

Tarot cards create a complete graphic language. All the answers you seek are found in the tarot card decks, and each card describes a person, circumstance or potential outcome. Since the Tarot has no hidden “secrets”, the key to discerning its meaning lies in your own understanding and interpretation.

If you are just starting to read Tarot, try the “Three Card Spread” – one of the simplest and most effective Tarot spreads that can be adapted to any situation.

In the past, a tarot deck could have a different number of cards. With adjustments over time, the current version of the Tarot that is commonly used internationally has 78 cards, including 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana.

There are many different ways of shuffling, and you can choose the one that suits you best to use. The common points between them can be summarized as: using the same shuffle direction, staying focused and calm, and shuffling more than 3 turns.

Sometimes you need to cleanse your deck to get rid of negative energy. The easiest way to do this is to invoke one of the four elements (wind, earth, water and fire), such as:

Burying the Tarot cards in sand, salt or dirt for 24 hours; lightly sprinkling the cards with water, herbal tea or plant infusions and wiping them clean immediately; exposing the cards to sunlight for half a day; and purifying with mugwort or incense.

Tarot card size: 70 x 120 mm (2.75″ x 4.75″), which are millimeter and inch respectively, conform to the standard Tarot deck dimensions.

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