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Custom Playing Card Size and Game Card Size

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WJPC Playing Cards

Different Playing Card Size

We often play 54 poker cards, including 2 JOKER, usually 63x88mm in dimensions. However, with the continuous development of the card industry, the playing card size and type are constantly changing. In addition to the standard playing cards size, there are also bridge cards, large cards, mini cards, and tarot cards size poker. Some want to make customized playing cards, sizes, and personalized patterns.

Poker size
Poker Size

Standard Playing Cards

The standard card size is 63mm x 88mm, the most common card type on the market. We also produce this card game. We recommend using 300gsm coated paper to make ordinary playing cards, which are reasonably priced and of good quality. A pack of 54 playing cards, packed in Cello-wrapped, packed in a carton. The packaging quantity of the finished product usually has 3 specifications and sizes, 100 pairs per box, 144 boxes, and 200 boxes.

Bridge Cards Size
Bridge Cards Size

Bridge Cards

custom bridge-sized cards are more suitable for the entertainment game industry. The size is usually 57mm x 87mm, much thinner than traditional playing cards. If the customer’s playing cards are used in the casino, we recommend 310gsm German black heart paper. The paper has good rigidity, good toughness, and folding resistance. The paper core is a specially treated linoleum with an anti-perspective function. One version can produce 56 cards.

Mini Card Size
Mini Card Size

Mini Card

mini cards are mainly suitable for users who like exquisite products or are easy to carry when going out to play, and some are suitable for children. Our size is 45mm x 63mm and 32mm x 44mm. This size is more suitable for small poker and game cards. In addition, you can also make a small gift poker to give to customers and friends.

Tarot Cards Size
Tarot Cards Size

Tarot Size Playing Cards

Because some poker enthusiasts like to collect playing cards of different sizes, they ask us to make tarot-sized pokers, and we can also meet their needs. Tarot cards are generally 70mm x 120mm in size. For this kind of collectible playing cards, we recommend that they use 310gsm German black core papers (including linen).

Large Cards Size
Large Cards Size

Large Cards

Large playing cards usually leave a deep impression on people and are more suitable for corporate promotions, trade shows, gift making, or billboards. Our production size is 88mm x 126mm, 100mm x 150mm, 126mm x 176mm, 176mm x 252mm. We recommend using 400g double copper paper for this big brand, which is thick and wear-resistant and has good resilience. It is about 0.42 thicknesses.

In addition, if the size we provide does not meet your requirements, we can professionally customize a new personalized mold with relevant dimensions. This mold is relatively expensive than the existing ordinary card size and may cost more than 310 US dollars. Depend on the size you choose. If you have special needs, you can leave a message on our website, and our business will follow up.

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