Custom Card Box

Accessories are an important step in completing your tarot decks and oracle decks. A thematically appropriate, beautiful and sturdy box, bag or instruction booklet can make your deck look more professional and high quality.

Card Boxes Introduction

Our card packaging and booklets, with a wide range of different material and surface finish options, not only impress the users, but are also durable and perfect for protecting your cards.

We offer many types of accessories as follows: deck box, window box, mini the box, gift card boxes, rigid box, lux box, acrylic card box, tin box, magnetic boxes, etc.

All products are made of high quality raw materials and meet European and American safety standards. We also offer eco-friendly packaging options, such as Kraft paper bags and Kraft paper sleeves, to reduce the amount of plastic used for packaging.

Best Tarot Cards Packaging

Magnetic Flip Box
Book Type Box

The Lid bottom box, Magnetic flip box, Velvet bag, and Book-type box are highly sought-after packaging options for tarot, oracle, and affirmation decks. These four types of packaging provide robust protection for the product, ensuring its safety during storage and transportation. Moreover, they boast a delicate appearance that adds an aesthetic appeal to the decks. Their visually pleasing design enhances the overall presentation, making them an attractive choice for customers. Whether it’s the sturdy Lid bottom box, the convenient Magnetic flip box, or the elegant Book-type box and Velvet bag, these packaging options combine functionality and visual appeal to elevate the packaging experience for tarot and oracle decks.

Other Types of Card Boxes

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The Lid Bottom Box (Double-Sets) feature a unique design that consists of a sturdy bottom base and a separate lid, providing a secure and convenient packaging solution. The double-set design allows for easy access to the contents while ensuring that they remain well-protected during transportation and storage.

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Book Box(Outside+Inside)

A book-type box, also known as a book box or book-shaped box, is a type of packaging that resembles a book in its shape and design. It is often used for various purposes, such as gift packaging, storage, or promotional materials.

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Vertical Box

A vertical box, refers to a type of packaging or storage container that has a vertical orientation, with its height being greater than its width or depth. Unlike traditional boxes that are typically wider or deeper than they are tall, a vertical box is designed to stand upright, occupying less horizontal space while maximizing vertical storage capacity.

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A round box, as the name suggests, is a type of container or packaging that has a circular or cylindrical shape. Unlike traditional square or rectangular boxes, round boxes offer a unique and visually appealing design.

Custom tin box
Tin Box

One of the key advantages of tin boxes is their robustness and long-lasting nature. They provide excellent protection for the items stored within, safeguarding them from moisture, light, and other external elements.

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Square Box

Square boxes are typically made from materials such as cardboard, paperboard, corrugated fiberboard, or plastic. These materials offer sturdiness and strength to protect the contents of the box.

Card Boxes FAQ

If you want to make a DIY card box, it is very important to use a square card stock, other than that the weight, color and texture of the card stock are not required.

If you want to make more beautiful card boxes, Acelion can provide you with more professional advice, please consult us.

In cards, a tuck box is a folded box used to pack cards, with the top end or bottom end tucked in. It is the most popular packaging option for playing cards and flash cards, which is not only easy to remove the cards but also economical.

First, you need to prepare a pulse sealer. Then, choose a shrink wrap film bag to put the card box in. Next, put the open edge of the film bag into the sealer to seal it. Finally, shrink seal the film with a heat gun.

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