Custom Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are a personalized deck of cards full of wisdom, often used in magic, spiritual practices and even daily entertainment. It has the same amazing insight as the Tarot cards, but with more flexibility and freedom.

Oracle Cards Introduction

Oracle cards can be of any theme or system, such as moonology oracle cards, love oracle cards, angel oracle cards, energy oracle cards, etc. They can also be of any size, shape and number of cards. Therefore, they have a much wider scope than tarot decks.

When you want to go beyond the “boundaries of the Tarot” and get an extra perspective for your reading, you can try to combine the use of oracle deck cards with the Tarot deck. And the possibilities for this combination are almost endless, especially when you consider permutations and orders.

You may be thinking, since oracle cards are so unlimited, can i make my own oracle cards? Of course you can! Make your own oracle cards and even sell with Acelion right now!

Oracle Cards FAQ

Oracle cards is a deck of cards that can display any image. It works very similarly to the Tarot, but has fewer rules for reading and allows for more freedom in your intuitive leadership.

Unlike Tarot card decks, the Oracle deck can have any number of cards. The number depends on its creator – this means that an oracle deck can have 10~100 cards, but the most common is 44~ 52 cards.

They are different in two main ways:
1. An international tarot deck has a fixed number of 78 cards, but oracle deck cards can be any number.
2. Tarot cards follow a fixed structure, but oracle decks have no rules and the possibilities are endless.

If you are just starting out with oracle cards, try oracle card meditation. Drawing a card every day is a great way to get to know your deck, while also honing your intuition and divination skills.
In addition, you can draw an oracle card to define the entire divination before using the tarot cards, or to enhance the reading after using the tarot deck.

If you just want to create a deck of oracle cards for yourself, you can refer to already established decks such as Tarot, Runes, Ogham, etc. to create a basic blueprint.
If you wish to create and sell your cards, this is a more complex process. Consult us for a complete and attentive guide!