We have compiled a list of booklets commonly used to printing Tarot, Oracle, and Affirmation cards, such as saddle-sewn binding, glue-perfect bound, Bi-fold, Z-fold, cross-fold, accordion, etc. If you have a special specification for your custom booklet and nothing similar is available on our website, you can contact us for exclusive customization.

Instruction Booklets

In addition to the box, the booklet is an important accessory for a set. This is because a complete set of cards has a detailed instruction booklet, making it easier for beginners to learn how to use them. Here we have compiled a list of booklet printing methods commonly used to produce custom Tarot, Oracle, and Affirmation cards, such as saddle-sewn binding, glue-perfect binding, etc.

In addition, we also offer a choice of brochure surface processes, which you can select according to your current situation. All products are made from high-quality raw materials and comply with European and American safety standards.

Popular Instructions Booklets


Z-folded booklets provide an ideal solution for efficiently showcasing information in a condensed and orderly fashion when it comes to printing custom booklets.

Glued perfect bound
Perfect Binding Booklets

Discover the power of perfect binding in the printing industry. Seamlessly collate, roughen spines, apply adhesive, attach covers, and trim for impeccable edges. Ideal for cost-effective paperbacks, magazines, and catalogs, delivering quick production with varying durability.

Saddle Sewn Binding Booklets

Saddle sewn binding is a bookbinding method commonly used for creating booklets, brochures, and smaller publications. It involves sewing folded pages together through the fold line, creating a secure and durable binding.

Cross fold

In the realm of printing and graphic design, cross folding serves as a remarkable paper folding technique utilized to produce printing booklets. This ingenious method involves skillfully folding a single sheet of paper in both horizontal and vertical directions, resulting in the formation of a captivating grid-like pattern. 

Bi-fold Booklets

The Bi-fold, also recognized as a letter fold or tri-fold, is widely favored as a folding style for creating custom booklets, and various other informative materials.

Accordion Booklets

Accordion folding presents a visually captivating and well-structured approach to showcasing information in custom printed booklets. When crafting designs for accordion folding, careful attention must be given to the arrangement of text, images, and other design components. 

Custom Booklet Printing and Maker

A custom booklet play an indispensable role in elevating the essence of your tarot and oracle cards. Acting as both an essential accessory and sturdy foundation, these booklets are the gateway through which your customers embark upon their immersive journey.

Our meticulous printing process encompasses the entirety of these booklets, enveloping both their front and back covers. By harnessing the full-color CMYK printing, we unlock a vibrant spectrum of hues, faithfully mirroring the captivating photo colors woven into your meticulously crafted booklet designs. Whether your aim is to impart intricate card instructions or provide supplementary information to enhance the synergy with your cards, our printing prowess guarantees an impeccably presented outcome.

Embedded within our core lies an unwavering proficiency in delivering a comprehensive array of booklet printing services, renowned for their versatility and unwavering commitment to unrivaled quality. With an unwavering dedication to addressing your distinct needs and requirements, we ensure a tailor-made approach that reflects the uniqueness of your creative vision.

Instruction Booklets FAQ

In booklet printing, the actual printed document is not necessarily laid out in page order due to the different cutting methods. This is a point of confusion for many customers.
But don’t worry, leave this job to Acelion’s professional team. All you need to do is arrange the pages in the order of your original content, from the cover to the bottom, and mark the page numbers of each page.

First, you need to take all the pages of your booklet and generate them into a printable PDF file; then, submit this file to Acelion; Next, Acelion will make layout adjustments based on the actual printing; wait for Acelion to finish production, and you will get a beautiful and professional booklet!

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