Custom Affirmation Cards

Affirmation cards are a set of positive and influential cards. They can have different styles and statements that are positive and designed to help empower you, support you in gaining confidence and self-esteem in any given area, or achieve balance in your life.

Affirmation Cards Introduction

affirmation deck can be a very useful tool if you are in a rut, depressed, or feel like your life is out of balance. Because self-affirmations are a great way to help build self-esteem and overcome doubts.

Use cards such as i am everything affirmation cards, daily affirmation cards, bloom and bliss affirmation cards, etc. to shift your thoughts and emotions, and you will discover more potential possibilities and goodness.

Likewise, you will gain more power – when you make your own affirmation cards. Try to make your own affirmation cards with Acelion today!

Affirmation Cards FAQ

Affirmation cards are similar to oracle cards in that they do not have a set number of cards or size. Generally, the common number of affirmation cards is 40~60 cards.

In fact, such “affirmation” is the law of attraction in psychology. That is when the mind focusing on a certain area, people, things and objects related to this area will be attracted to it.

The materials for making affirmation cards are simple. If you want to make them yourself, you need to have: paper, scissors, paints, markers, crayons and your affirmations, etc. Beyond that, how you personalize your card is entirely up to you.
If you need a more professional approach to making them, look for Acelion to do it for you!

You should know that there is no right or wrong way to use a affirmation card. The following are the two most common ways:
1. Shuffle the deck and choose a card that you are drawn to without looking at it. Pay attention to this affirmation as if it were a message from the universe. You can use the chosen card to inspire journal reflections or even conversations with friends.
2. Choose one or two affirmation cards that you want to manifest that day or week and place them where your eyes will see them often. Gently acknowledge the message to yourself (saying it out loud is better).