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Tarot Cards List: 9 Recommend Crystal Tarot Cards And Oracle Cards

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If you incorporate crystals into your spiritual journey and wish to integrate them with your tarot readings, a crystal tarot and oracle deck is a perfect choice.

The creators of these decks have poured their passion for crystals into their designs, believing that infusing the cards with the energies represented by the crystals enhances the potency of card divination.

Typically, each card in these tarot decks is associated with an empowering crystal, whose properties are intended to benefit the card, the tarot reader, and the recipient of the reading.

Here are 7 decks of recommend crystal-themed tarot and oracle cards for you.

9 Crystal Tarot Cards And Oracle Cards

1. Crystal Visions Tarot review

Crystal Visions Tarot review

The Crystal Visions Tarot is a wonderfully enchanting tarot deck, adorned with an array of purples, pinks, blues, reds, and oranges that impart a sense of mystique and otherworldly allure.

It adheres to the traditional Rider Waite Smith style system and includes an extra card, bringing the total to 79 cards. While the majority of figures in the deck are female, there are also male representations, particularly among the kings and knights.

The colors in this deck are skillfully blended, creating a muted and soothing palette. Its imagery is replete with enchanting elements like butterflies, crystals, flowers, and even dragons.

Each suit exhibits its own distinct color scheme, with the cups featuring shades of purple, violet, lavender, and pink. The swords adopt a predominantly blue and purple hue with subtle hints of lavender and orange. The pentacles are adorned in green, olive, yellow, and orange, while the wands sport vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow.

Browsing through the cards evokes feelings of serenity, strength, and a sense of being understood. Each card beautifully conveys its intended meaning, with stunning depictions of flowers, animals, and more.

It’s worth noting that while this deck doesn’t provide extensive interpretation or commentary on the crystal element, it does incorporate this element into the cards themselves.

2. Crystal Power Tarot Review

Crystal Power Tarot Review

The Crystal Power Tarot is a Rider-Waite deck with a distinctive twist: each Major Arcana card is paired with a unique and empowering crystal, with the exception of card 0, The Fool, which boasts seven crystal companions.

Within the Minor Arcana, you’ll discover two empowering crystals for each suit: one for the Aces through 10 of each suit, and another for the Palace cards. Furthermore, in addition to their assigned empowerment crystals, these cards also align with specific chakra points or energy centers in the body.

Notably, each card incorporates a “message of strength” or affirmation that directly corresponds to the card’s message. Whether you’re reading for yourself or others, it’s highly recommended for card readers to recite these affirmations.

This practice activates the qualities of the crystals and fosters a profound connection with the potent energy infused into each card by its crystal companion.

3. Crystal Unicorn Tarot Review

The Crystal Unicorn Tarot draws its inspiration from the classical Rider-Waite Tarot, where the majestic unicorn takes the place of the human figures. Despite this substitution, the Crystal Unicorn Tarot retains much of the conventional symbolism found in the Rider-Waite-Smith deck.

One notable aspect is that each Major Arcana card is paired with a corresponding crystal, while the four suits of the Minor Arcana each feature a distinct type of crystal.

The entire deck radiates with vibrant colors and exudes a playful and lively energy. Expect to encounter whimsical, joyful, and carefree interpretations during your readings with this delightful deck!

4. Master Teacher Crystal Oracle Review

Master Teacher Crystal Oracle Review

The Master Teacher Crystal Oracle comprises 22 original Master Crystals and an additional 11 crystals that embody the very essence of the crystal realm. When utilized, these cards serve as a mirror to reflect upon your spiritual, emotional, and material aspects, offering a practical and enduring means to infuse positivity into your life.

These crystals have been specifically channeled for this oracle, acting as conduits for divine medicine, wisdom, and guidance. They are infused with the essence of the gods, urging you to form a close partnership with them to harness the full potential of this sacred tool.

It’s worth noting that the accompanying manual within this deck contains a wealth of fascinating and valuable information. Each card’s interpretation encompasses details about the crystal’s attributes, practical applications in crystal healing, connections to the divine, and crystal rituals.

If you seek to deepen your relationship with crystals and maximize their benefits, this deck is a valuable resource for you.

5. Astral Realms Crystal Oracle Review

Astral Realms Crystal Oracle Review

The Astral Realms Crystal Oracle employs a triadic structure, weaving together the energies of crystals, celestial bodies, and keywords. Within this deck’s 33 cards, you’ll discover a potent resonance that harmonizes crystalline qualities, astral influences, and chakra energies, facilitating a connection to higher realms and an elevation of your personal frequency.

This threefold approach to divine guidance involves seeking insights from celestial bodies, delving inward to enhance chakra energy flow, and infusing frequencies with the healing essence of crystals. It’s a comprehensive method to empower your spiritual journey.

Each card’s manual contains a wealth of information, including the original meaning of the crystal, extended interpretations, the crystal’s relationship with the chakras, and techniques for activating its energy. The content is exceptionally rich, making it suitable for crystal enthusiasts of all levels.

6 .Eternal Crystals Oracle Review

Eternal Crystals Oracle Review

The Eternal Crystals Oracle is an exquisitely designed oracle deck comprising 44 captivating gemstones and crystals. The author skillfully blends these crystals with the energy of the chakras to illuminate aspects of our lives that may benefit from special attention and healing.

Featuring mesmerizing and predominantly abstract photographic art, these cards emanate a profound sense of tranquility. A basic understanding of the chakras is beneficial, as the deck’s healing principles are rooted in chakra associations.

Its most commendable feature undoubtedly lies in its masterful use of color. The images have been thoughtfully curated to create a harmonious visual experience.

The accompanying manual primarily focuses on interpreting and understanding the significance of each crystal. It places greater emphasis on providing guidance for interpretation and harnessing healing energies, rather than delving deeply into the physical properties of the crystals themselves.

This deck is well-suited for individuals at all levels, whether they are beginners or seasoned enthusiasts.

7. Crystal Mandala Activation Cards Review

Crystal Mandala Activation Cards Review

The Crystal Mandala Activation Cards offer a compact crystal oracle experience, featuring 54 crystals. The author imparts the codes of love from these crystals directly into your body, mind, and soul, revitalizing and enhancing your connection with the divine crystal realm and higher spiritual dimensions.

This deck does not include a separate interpretation manual; instead, the interpretation for each card is conveniently provided on the back of the card itself.

Intriguingly, the author also shares some straightforward and enjoyable techniques for utilizing the Crystal Oracle Cards, making them accessible to anyone with an affinity for crystal cards.

8. Crystal Message Cards Review

Crystal Message Cards Review

This card deck revolves around crystal knowledge as its central focus, featuring a total of 70 distinct crystals. Each stone is accompanied by a detailed description, a corresponding affirmation at the bottom, and a concise phrase summarizing the card’s theme beneath its name.

This deck is particularly well-suited for crystal enthusiasts seeking straightforward information about their crystals. The crystal images are exceptionally clear, and the information readily stands out, eliminating the need to sift through pamphlets and books in search of meanings.

9. Crystal Flashcards Review

Crystal Flashcards Review

Crystal Flashcards offer an engaging and educational collection of learning cards designed to delve into the significance of 50 of the world’s most renowned crystals.

Each card includes a comprehensive list of the crystal’s metaphysical properties, along with a set of symbols that provide additional intriguing and practical insights about each crystal. These symbols enable you to investigate the crystals’ associations with chakras and elements.

Presented in vibrant displays, each crystal is photographed in its most recognizable form, ensuring easy and unmistakable identification of your gemstones. This empowers you to confidently expand your growing collection of crystals with clarity and assurance!

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