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Playing Card Online Design and Batch Printing Choose

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Now customers are faced with two choices when making printed playing cards, game cards, tarot cards, oracle cards, learning cards, and other products: traditional consulting business or online design? After reading this article, you will know which one is right for you.

For those who have their designs, quickly looking for a suitable printing supplier is their current more urgent matter because they want to quickly print their designs and put them on an online store, show them off to their friends at a party, or give them as gifts.

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Among many sites, they use two methods to fulfill orders. One is the traditional consulting business, the customer sends the demand of the supplier business, and then they give you a detailed quotation according to your demands. Then they continue communicating and confirming the design until the order is completed.

The general process of business consultation is as follows:

  • Step 1 Ask and communicate the quotation
  • Step 2 View the sample
  • Step 3 Confirm the design file
  • Step 4 pays the deposit
  • Step 5 Factory production
  • Step 6 quality inspection
  • Step 7 pays the balance
  • Step 8 freight
  • Step 9 orders completion

The other way is to use the website program to achieve the custom online design. This way of convenience depends on whether your need is complex and whether you will use the website design program.

The general process of online design is as follows:

  • Step 1 selects your product type
  • Step 2 Choose the paper, craft, and size of the card
  • Step 3 chooses front and back
  • Step 4 Edit product text and images
  • Step 5 Confirm the design and submit the order
  • Step 6 pays successful
  • Step 7 Factory production
  • Step 8 quality inspection
  • Step 9 shipping
  • Step 10 orders completion

Both methods discussed above can achieve product printing. Let us analyze who is suitable for online design. Who people are suitable for consulting business and complete the entire order under the guidance of the business.

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Online Design

First, what problem does online design solves for customers? It solves the needs of ordinary customers who generally do not need to design drafts. It is usually quite expensive to ask a designer to design a set of cards. In online design, ordinary customers only need to upload their life photos, animation photos, etc., to the website to create a sub-personalized card. Moreover, the front and back effects of the website are also easy to operate, which can be completed mainly by following the quick process. And most customers choose the public version size, and there are no special process requirements. This can be directly made by using ready-made templates.

Also, people that use online design often have specific needs. They know what size they need, craftsmanship, finish, etc. Those are some of the advantages of online design.

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Consulting business

For individual users and users with clear needs, online design is quite convenient, while for more complex users, online design is a bit cumbersome. For example, the customer wants to make 54 cards, each with a different front and back. It takes a lot of time to complete the production using online design, and you may want to give up after half of the operation.

Some customers need to do personalized designs. Simple pictures can not meet their needs. Then we need to ask the designer to complete the design. Then send the design to the supplier to make samples, check the effects of the samples and complete the order. Online design cannot do this because after the online design is completed, you need to confirm the design, but you don’t know whether this is the effect you want to print.

Some customers are making it for the first time. They don’t know what effect they need and what kind of paper jam, and they don’t understand the process. They only know that they need to make such a card. This situation is very suitable for a direct consulting business because the business will recommend a detailed quotation to you after understanding your needs.

Therefore, online design is simple and practical if you make your cards in small batches and have no special needs. If you are making a printing card for the first time and do not know how to operate it, and there are special needs, the design will be more complicated, and you can choose to contact the printing factory to complete your order.

We are a professional production of playing cards, game cards, tarot cards, learning cards printing Manufacturers, very suitable for those who want to do the front and back of personality, as well as a large number of printing, and the design of more complex customers. Of course, we can also accept a small number of customized customers. Still, the machine in our printing factory requires start-up costs, and the order quantity is at least 300 sets of paper trays, and the price of fewer than 300 sets of paper trays is not very cost-effective.