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The Dream Vision Tarot Card review

Acelion’s Tarot Card Reviews: The Dream Vision Tarot Card

Explore the enchanting Dream Vision Tarot, an exquisite illustrated tarot deck adorned with 78 Channeled Visions. The allure of this deck has resonated strongly, garnering an impressive $41,206 in support for its first edition and an additional $28,160 for its second edition in Kickstarter. Let’s delve into the captivating charms

The Magpie's Lenormand Tarot reviews

Acelion’s Tarot Card Reviews: The Magpie’s Lenormand Tarot

The Magpie’s Lenormand Tarot is a 36-card Lenormand deck by Rozenn Grosjean. It and its follow-up, The Owl and the Magpie’s Lenormand, achieved substantial funding on Kickstarter, and over €135,000 totally raised. Now let’s delve into the unique charms that make this deck stand out: The Description Of The Magpie’s

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