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Oracle & Tarot Card Publishers

11 Oracle & Tarot Card Publishers: How To Publish A Tarot Deck

Having your oracle or tarot deck picked up by tarot card publishers can alleviate the complexities of printing, distribution, and shipping. In addition, a publishing house can provide marketing support, potentially expanding your reach and success. This guide outlines the 11 most reliable oracle and tarot deck publishers to aid you

10 Free Printable Tarot Cards

10 Free Printable Tarot Cards: Color Your Own Tarot Cards Free PDF

Tarot deck is a gift accessible to all, serving as powerful spiritual instruments that provide profound revelations about the past, present, and future. Tarot affordability should not be a barrier, and thus Acelion has curated 10 free printable tarot cards. By using these complimentary PDFs or images, you can personalize your

Custom Tarot Card Manufacturer

Find The Most Suitable Custom Tarot Card Manufacturer

Finding the most suitable custom tarot card manufacturer depends on several factors, such as your budget, desired tarot deck type, and your requirements for quality and customization.  Here are some steps to help you find the ideal tarot card manufacturer: How To Find Your Ideal Tarot Card Manufacturer? Step 1

Playing Card Stock Types

Playing Card Stock Types Feature

When printing your own playing cards, everyone will think of choosing some high-quality playing card stock, because the printed products will have a good feels and quality. But before customers, high-quality card stock will increase your cost. If your budget is sufficient, choosing high-quality cardboard is no problem, but if you


Tarot Card Printing Advice and Specifications for Beginners

In this article, we will show you the tarot card printing advice and specifications for beginners. Tarot Card Printing Advice and Specifications No one can say exactly when the tarot cards started. There is a lot of evidence that the 78 tarot cards we know today may have been used

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Tarot Cards Surface Finish Choose

Do you know how to choose Tarot Cards Surface Finish? There are many players and collectors of tarot cards in Europe and the United States, and there are specialized divination tarot masters. Tarot cards are mass-produced and sold in these countries and have an audience of all ages. Tarot cards

Playing Cards priting Steps

Playing Card Game Printing Steps

This article introduces the production method of playing cards and how many steps need to be performed in the production process and gives a detailed explanation. After reading this article, I hope you have a more comprehensive understanding of playing card production. Playing Card Game Printing Steps Playing cards has two kinds,

Playing Cards

Custom Playing Card Size and Game Card Size

Different Playing Card Size We often play 54 poker cards, including 2 JOKER, usually 63x88mm in dimensions. However, with the continuous development of the card industry, the playing card size and type are constantly changing. In addition to the standard playing cards size, there are also bridge cards, large cards, mini

Custom Oracle Cards

Making tarot cards or Oracle Cards?

Making tarot cards or oracle cards? What is the difference between Tarot cards and Oracle cards? This is a question that many beginners will ask, and the following will answer it for you! Many friends who like Tarot cards are also interested in Oracle cards. First, this kind of tarot

Tarot Cards Printing Solutions for Start-ups

Many new card start-ups do not know where and how to print and custom their cards, such as custom tarot cards printing solutions, oracle cards, and affirmation cards. They barely know about these cards’ approximate production cost, the crafts’ options, the types of packaging, the ways of transportation, and so

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