Choosing the suitable cardstock paper will give your tarot card printing a premium experience. However, care needs to be taken when choosing, as different graphic designs, card sizes, and different finishes will result in different art papers being chosen.

Introduction to Art Paper

Art paper is a kind of Copper paper, which is coated on both sides and has good smoothness. For example, 300G in art paper 300G means that the basis weight of the paper is 300 grams/square meter. That is, the weight of one square meter of paper is 300 grams. Gram is a unit of measurement for the thickness of card stock in printing. The larger the number of grams, the thicker the paper.

300g Art paper

Standard Smooth Art Paper (300gsm)

300gsm art paper is less used in making large-sized tarot cards. But some customers use it when making small-sized tarot cards, such as 63x88mm and 57×87, etc., or even smaller sizes. So, if your tarot cards are of small size, consider using them.

350g Art paper

Professional Thick Art Paper (350gsm)

350gsm art paper is the best choice for making standard tarot card size 70 x 120 mm ( 2.76 X 4.73″ ). Unless customers have special needs, we recommend this thickness of art paper because the card surface is smoother, The card’s hardness is better, and the hand feel is better.

400g Art paper

Super Thick Art Paper (400gsm)

400gsm art paper with high hardness is suitable for printing large-sized cards, such as 88 x 126 mm ( 3.47 X 4.96″ ) or above. Customers who prefer a thicker feel can choose this paper. In addition, the high hardness also makes the card less damaged.

300g Black core paper

Superior Smooth Black Core (300gsm)

Customers who use the black core paper version to make tarot cards, oracle cards, and affirmation cards are all looking for extremely high quality. Still, the cost is also quite high, so this card stock type is more suitable for making boutiques and collectibles.

310g Black core paper

Superior Smooth Black Core (310gsm)

Compared with the black core paper of 300gsm above, 310g is thicker. Which one you choose depends entirely on your card size and personal feel. The cost is also higher than 300gsm, suitable for collectors, professional printing use.