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We not only help many small and medium-sized creators realize their dreams, but also have the strength to serve large Tarot & Oracle publishers and promote high-quality, gorgeous, and exquisite trading cards to the world at an affordable price.

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Our Story

our story

Acelion, officially established in 2017 by Shenzhen Shian Poker Co,. Ltd., was to create a high-end brand under Wangjing(WJPC). From high-end playing cards to all cards to only tarot cards, Acelion has experienced years of market exploration and technical precipitation, and finally became the largest tarot manufacturing brand in China.

Tarot, Oracle and Affirmation Cards, give us the opportunity to showcase the best work and the highest technical achievements. We can create products that have luxurious vision and consistent quality, while guaranteeing competitive prices on the market.

ACELION's High Quality Comes From Wangjing

ACELION can deliver high-quality products, all thanks to the support of our parent company Wangjing’s technology, hardware, and personnel. The ACELION team is dedicated to vertical domains, aiming to better serve our customers.

The team’s customer managers possess years of industry experience and have handled numerous complex design projects. Hence, they can provide valuable guidance to clients, whether it’s their first printing or initiating a new project.

Acelion Timeline

Attention: Recently, there have been some individuals or organizations copying Acelion’s product design or even impersonating Acelion’s name. We hereby declare that:

  • Acelion has never been renamed in any way.
  • Acelioncards.com is the only official website for Acelion.
  • Acelion is a brand of WJPC, and has not authorized by any other company, agent, distributor, etc.
  • All Acelion products are designed, manufactured, used and sold exclusively by Acelion and WJPC.

Anyone who steals or plagiarizes illegally will be prosecuted according to the law. Please recognize our name and site. Any problems or damage caused elsewhere will be at your own risk.

Introduction of New Equipment in 2023

Heidelberg Speedmaster CX 104 8+1 UV offset press

The state-of-the-art Heidelberg Speedmaster CX 104 8+1 UV offset press, for which we invested 20 million yuan, is now officially operational.

The Speedmaster CX 104 is equipped with the latest Intellistart 3 and Intelliline systems, enhancing production efficiency through automatic order arrangement and the automatic conversion of printing jobs. With a printing speed of up to 16,500 sheets per hour and a UV coating unit, an operator can navigate their tasks with ease.

It boasts the capability to automatically remove ink from all color groups based on settings. Additionally, during the production process, an operator can swiftly replace the anilox roller, reducing replacement time by up to 75%.

So with the Speedmaster CX 104, whether it’s CMYK printing or frequent spot color changes, we can significantly boost production capacity and substantially reduces your turnaround time.

Our Strengths

Focus On Tarot

To better serve our Tarot customers, Acelion has set up a separate team from WJPC with professional sales, customer service, marketing and technical staff. Specializing in the manufacture of tarot and oracle cards has given us enough depth of experience and tech in this field, and we gradually became the largest tarot card manufacturer in China.
Moreover, our attentive customer service is highly commended. We respect and understand your ideas and needs, and can offer you the most professional and suitable advice on cardstock, finishing, packaging, etc.

Precise Color Control

Acelion has introduced an advanced color control system to meet the high demands for tarot. Our system can read and record colors automatically, thus greatly reducing color errors and correcting them quickly when problems are identified.

Strong Backing

Behind Acelion is the strong production and warehousing capabilities of WJPC, which has over 20,000 m² of operating space, multiple sophisticated machines, and over 600 tons of paper and other raw materials.

As a result, all products can be produced, processed, tested, stored and transported in our own factory – not only guaranteeing consistent quality, but also saving time and costs.

Green Printing

green printing

Acelion has always been committed to the concept of sustainability and green printing. We only use eco-friendly inks, soy inks and recyclable card stock for printing, and strive to reduce waste and plastic use in our production and packaging.

Also, we solemnly promise that all our materials do not contain any animal fur or bone content.

Our Certifications


As a specialized card printing factory, WJPC regularly undergoes international authoritative certifications and product testing, and has now obtained amfori-BSCI, ISO9001, FSC, SGP and many other certificates.

Our customized products, including raw materials for paper and cardboard, inks, varnish and lamination for surface treatment, etc., are all certified by authoritative tests such as EN71, REACH, CE, CPC, ASTM, CPSIA, CCPSA, etc. We use the “one product, one certificate” testing model, all product certificates are based on the evaluation of a specific one and are only applicable to the tested samples.

Besides, testing standards and fees vary from product to product. For more information about testing and certificates, please contact us.

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