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New Customer Order Discount Promotion Now Available!

Effective from March 1, 2024, through April 30, 2024. During this promotional period, new customers placing orders will receive corresponding discounts:

– Orders totaling $600 to $1000: $30 off
– Orders totaling $1001 to $3000: $50 off
– Orders totaling $3001 to $5000: $100 off
– Orders totaling $5001 to $10000: $200 off
– Orders totaling $10001 and above: $300 off

Please Note: New customers who participate in KS crowdfunding are eligible to enjoy both the new customer discount and the KS promotion simultaneously.

ACELION's High Quality Comes From Wangjing

ACELION can deliver high-quality products, all thanks to the support of our parent company Wangjing’s technology, hardware, and personnel. The ACELION team is dedicated to vertical domains, aiming to better serve our customers.

The team’s customer managers possess years of industry experience and have handled numerous complex design projects. Hence, they can provide valuable guidance to clients, whether it’s their first printing or initiating a new project.

Production and Delivery

When producing cards, customers typically pay close attention to turnaround time and pricing while also seeking to gain a deeper understanding of our production, manufacturing, and shipping processes. By exploring our website’s production process page, you can clearly grasp the entire journey of the product from paper cutting to final printing. Additionally, we offer various shipping channels to cater to diverse customer needs.
Heidelberg Speedmaster CX 104 8+1 UV offset press

Introduction of New Equipment in 2023

Our 20 million yuan investment in the Heidelberg Speedmaster CX 104 8+1 UV offset press, now fully operational. With Intellistart 3 and Intelliline systems, it offers automatic order arrangement, rapid ink changes, and efficient production at 16,500 sheets per hour. This advanced press significantly boosts capacity, reducing turnaround time for CMYK printing and frequent spot color changes.


Free Product Samples

We are willing to provide you with free product samples; however, you will need to cover the associated shipping costs. Please note that the samples are intended for customers to inspect the printing quality and various surface finish effects. Kindly submit your detailed requirements on our contact page and obtain samples of the relevant products.

Kickstarter Project
Ad Infinitum Oracle Deck

Ad Infinitum Oracle Deck

My deck is unique in the way that I not only empower others to discover the love and light within, I teach practical ways to physically embody that and ways to use what we learn from oracle readings.

I use my own Ad Infinitum Oracle Deck to complete readings, conduct shadow work, and teach others how to reconnect to their inner truth and shine that beautiful light out into the darkness of our society. Learn more

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