ACELION is a high-end brand under WJPC, mainly producing high-quality products. We are high-end playing cards to all cards to only tarot cards. ACELION has experienced years of market exploration and technical precipitation and finally became China’s largest tarot manufacturing brand.


We have combined people’s wisdom life and over 16 years of pioneering within the cards printing industry to make custom card games, personalized tarot cards, printing oracle cards and affirmation cards more accessible for everyone. 


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Wandering Spirit Tarot Deck

Wandering Spirit Tarot Cards Printing

Artist Heanuli created the Wandering Spirit Tarot. A symbol of depression and compassion in the form of a skull and a girl, this tarot card is designed to provide comfort on your journey, even in the toughest of times.

The Wandering Soul Tarot contains all 78 Major and Minor Arcanas, 4 bonus cards, 135-page pros and cons guide, and a sturdy magnetic storage case.

Runic Odyssey Oracle

Custom Runic Odyssey Oracle Cards

The Runic Odyssey Oracle cards is a redesigned. Eva Delcourt wanted to create a more mysterious and magical vibe, and the teal green inspired me greatly from the Nordic energy.

New version Oracle let yourself be guided on your spiritual adventure. A personal development and divination tool invite you to reflect and meditate. The card’s information will give you guidance and answers to your questions.

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PVC smooth playing card

PVC Material:Smooth,Matte and Frosted Introduction

PVC material is generally the production of custom plastic playing cards card and game cards. Because plastic materials make playing cards with waterproof, wear-resistant practical functions, they are mostly used on beaches

Playing Card Stock Types Feature

When printing your own playing cards, everyone will think of choosing some high-quality card stock, because the printed products will have a good feels and quality. But before customers, high-quality card


Acelion, officially established in 2017 by Shenzhen Shian Poker Co,. Ltd., was to create a high-end brand under WJPC.

From high-end playing cards to all cards to only tarot cards, Acelion has experienced years of market exploration and technical precipitation, and finally became the largest tarot manufacturing brand in China.

Tarot and Oracle cards, give us the opportunity to showcase the best work and the highest technical achievements. We can create products that have luxurious vision and consistent quality, while guaranteeing competitive prices on the market.

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