ACELION is a high-end brand under WJPC, mainly producing custom tarot cards and oracle cards. With professional technology and excellent cost performance, Acelion has become the largest custom tarot card manufacturer in China.

Acelion Rider Waite Tarot Card Deck

Elevate your tarot experience with the Acelion Rider Waite Tarot Card Set, a stunning gold foil card set accompanied by a comprehensive guide book and elegant Lid-bottom box. Every card boasts intricate gold-stamped details for a lavish touch, complemented by a soft-touch matte lamination and gold stamping.

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Oracle "Les Expressions de Mademoiselle"

Oracle "Les Expressions de Mademoiselle"

This 52-card game is based on the Petit Lenormand’s 36-card structure, enriched with an additional 16 cards.

The creator’s aim is to make card divination enjoyable for everyone. Nevertheless, the game’s foundation adheres to the established Lenormand style, emphasizing tradition over imagery, simplifying comprehension. Whether used alone or alongside other divination methods, it suits those seeking colorful guidance. Learn more

Ad Infinitum Oracle Deck

Ad Infinitum Oracle Deck

My deck is unique in the way that I not only empower others to discover the love and light within, I teach practical ways to physically embody that and ways to use what we learn from oracle readings.

I use my own Ad Infinitum Oracle Deck to complete readings, conduct shadow work, and teach others how to reconnect to their inner truth and shine that beautiful light out into the darkness of our society. Learn more

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Acelion, officially established in 2017 by Shenzhen Shian Poker Co,. Ltd., is a high-end brand under WJPC. From providing high-end playing cards to all cards to only tarot cards, Acelion has experienced years of market exploration and technical precipitation, and finally became the largest tarot manufacturing brand in China. Tarot and Oracle cards, give us the opportunity to showcase the best work and the highest technical achievements. We can create products that have luxurious vision and consistent quality, while guaranteeing competitive prices on the market.

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